Elves are slightly taller than humans, but have a much lighter build. They lack the strength and stamina of the other races, but are for more agile, both in body and mind. Elves are superb wizards and thieves, but have at best fair talent as warriors or priests.


Giants are the largest of the races, ranging from 9-12 feet in height. They are stronger than any other race, and almost as durable as the dwarves. They aren't too bright, however, and their huge size makes them more clumsy than the other races. Giants make the best warriors of any race, but are ill-suited for any other profession.

Giants resist heat and cold with nary a mark, due to their huge mass. However, their slow minds make them extremely vulnerable to mental attacks. Giants, due to their size and stamina, receive the fast healing and bash skills for free. (Only giant warriors recive bash).



Humans are the most common race in the world, and make up the majority of adventurers. Although they have no special talents like the other races, they are more versitile, being skilled in all four classes. Humans may also train their primary stat higher than any other race, and are able to gain more benefit from magical devices.


Mithra are quick, flexibles creatures. That can walk upright or on all fours for greater speed. They have a medium build and enjoy the night. Feline make excellent rogues and decent warriors.

Because of their quickness and stealthy nature, they receive dodge, sneak and hide for free. The feline race is known for their resistance to magic and disease. With excellent vision in the night and able to detect invisible creatures.

Remort Races

Remort races are only available after a character has completed 91 levels in their first incarnation. Only then will the option to remort become available.